Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back to Writing and to Musing

I realize I have been absent from our little blog for quite awhile now, and frankly not one of my excuses are terribly interesting. Oh it would be nice if I could say that I was busy vanquishing all evil from the world, saving whales, or finding myself, but in actuality, life just got in the way.

Here is a brief summery of my time MIA: Initially I put off writing because I had finals to prepare for, and like a good student, I was dedicated to getting that A… or maybe just not failing. After that my husband and I were able to take a two week vacation back to our home state of Michigan, and it was wonderful. Once we got back to Southern California the Marines claimed his time, which left me with the daunting task of trying to find a new apartment to move into (a goal we still have yet to reach, more on that frustrating process in a future blog) and packing up our apartment. Then, a few weeks ago my fickle wisdom teeth decided it was time for them to leave, and proceeded to break the news to me by causing a terrible amount of pain. Thankfully, pounds of Oragell and more Motrin then I would ever recommend came to the rescue. So, half drugged and a little out of it, I come back to our blog.

The last two months seem to have flown by, and reflecting over them, I think I have discovered a few things. The night my husband and I got back from Michigan and walked into our apartment, it was the first time we had ever felt like we were really home. Not that Southern Californian is our home, but that the space we have spent so much time making into our own finally became ours. For a long time it was hard to leave Michigan, it was our home all of our lives and we dearly loved it there. But “home is where the heart is” has many levels of meanings, and I think we finally experienced it when we walked through our door. In a way, that simple feeling of being at home opened my eyes to a lot of things. Home is never a place or a thing. For me, home is wherever my husband is, it’s where we have spent our time making a life together, and it’s where we live and love and learn to deal with life. Home is the North beach in San Clemente, the woods in Northern Michigan, the used book store down the road, and the place where we feel most comfortable.