Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Perfect Evening...

I was informed the other day that my idea of a wonderful evening is not normal for a girl... I was a little unsure how to take that comment, and apparently my following story of a perfect evening did not help my case:

Not long ago, a friend and I were talking and we decided to hang out that evening and watch a movie, I was starving and really wanted a meat lovers pizza, and he had to run to the car store to pick up who knows what. So, since I am always striving for practical, I struck up the deal to pick up the pizza while he finished his errands and we would meet up when we were done to watch the movie. Perfect plan... Once we met up, what movie did we watch?... Since it was my turn to pick the movie, and he has an absolutely massive collection of movies, I chose a classic movie that I had grown up with, Steven Seagal's Hard to Kill. LOL 

Yes, my idea of a wonderful evening is a meat lovers pizza and an action movie. I am my father's daughter to the core. haha


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