Friday, September 3, 2010

Daily Geometry

One of the negatives of being a single woman is the lack of having a strong man to do things around the house for you... I mean there are certain things I can con my guy friends into coming and doing, especially if I offer a payment of food. However, there are instances when because of timing there just are no guys around to help, and since I am a perfectly capable woman, I attempt to tackle tasks on my own... This is one example:

A friend so wonderfully went and picked up a new mattress, box spring, and frame that was being given to me for FREE! He unloaded it into my living room (which in fact took up all the free space) for me to then take care of when I got home from work. Now, to help paint the picture, I live upstairs in a loft at my house. I LOVE it, but it certainly is a challenge getting things that are decently large up the stairwell because of the angles and width of the stairs. So, while no one else was home I decide to commence getting the mattress upstairs by myself. First, I removed all the pictures off the wall, cause I knew I would end up taking them out and somehow destroying them. 

First, I try sliding the mattress standing tall through the door, which worked perfectly, until I had to turn AND begin acceding the steps.. The height of the door prevented me from also going up the steps, and no amount of body slamming or attempting to fold the mattress would work. Start over. 

Second, I flip the mattress horizontal and think maybe it will be easier to get the angle right using the height and the lack of width of the mattress. Mind you, I was not the best at geometry, and angles, while I can understand the basic concept, I have never been the best at figuring them out ahead of time. I tend much more towards having to figure it out as I go, and can see what the problem is or is not in the midst of it. 

So, I commence to bending the mattress in order to get it around the corner and up a couple steps, then I have to take turns going to the top, pulling over the step, going below it and pushing with... what else than my hips! haha I repeated the pull/hip check process the entire way up the stairs because there are no handles on the mattress, and since my steps are painted they are rather sticky when it comes to sliding things over them. Once I got the mattress upstairs and put in its place, I realized... There is NO possible way I will be able to get the box spring upstairs... especially without help. I did end up disassembling the frame and carrying the pieces upstairs.

However, the box spring is currently still leaned against the wall waiting until my roomie and I can figure out how to disassemble it and carry the pieces upstairs... We are women.. Hear us roar?... OR, maybe just watch us do things in an incredibly round about way.. haha


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