Monday, September 20, 2010

A Day in the Life of...

A coworker and I take turns randomly sharing crazy or funny stories the two of us experience throughout our days. We call it "A Day in the Life of..." and we insert our own name..  

Well, I have two stories to share, these types of things really only seem to happen to me, but I find them hysterical, so I thought I would share...

Story #1: To give a good idea of what is going to be discussed, here is a picture of my hair for the day this took place:
It was hot outside and I had no desire to mess with my long, thick, curly hair, and bangs, so I braided my bangs into my hair and pulled the rest up. Matched my earrings to my shirt and shoes and was good to go!.. Or so I thought.
One of my coworkers came into my office for the daily stealing from my candy dish and a few minutes of chatting and banter. This coworker reminds me a lot of Grumpy the dwarf, so to protect the guilty, we shall call the coworker Grumpy.
After a few minutes of talking about the week's happenings Grumpy stops and looks at me then asks "What did you do to your hair?.." I initially thought the question was posed at the fact that not long ago I dyed my hair from blonde to brown, so I comment accordingly. Grumpy pauses and says "No.. Normally your hair is full and thick.. today it looks more......." I begin laughing and say "Closer to 'plastered to my head'?" "Yes, it's not as nice." 

I just began laughing... Especially since Grumpy is bald.

Story #2: My best friend from home moved to Atlanta, GA which is about 6 1/5 hours away. I drove down for the weekend because she asked me to come be a part of her and her fiance's housewarming party... Later did I find out it was a "Hook Krista up" as a second goal party. However, unbenounced to them The Gentleman (name has been changed to protect my last shred of dignity!) that was supposed to show up and sweep me off my feet to be my knight in shining armor actually had vacation, and left a few days prior to go home and visit family. 

Haha... I thought I was off the hook. I was wrong.

I arrived a few hours early and helped do last minute touches on the new place, hang pictures, arrange food, etc..etc.. Once the other guests started arriving we ordered pizza and prepared to pray before commencing to expand our waistlines. The three couples divide up to hold hands with their spouses when my best friend realizes I am standing alone (totally content to talk to Jesus without holding someone else...). She pulls me close and links arms with me saying "Aww, no worries The Gentleman will be here soon enough to snuggle with." ... =O I giggled a bit and said "ok, lets pray." Her fiance began praying such a nice prayer about the food and friends... then switches gears and says ".. and we want to thank you for The Gentleman and Krista's relationship, and we ask that you bless their marriage..." I began laughing and about then reached around my best friend and smacked him... 

That was the closest thing to embarrassed I have been in I cannot even remember how long!... It was incredibly funny though! ;)

I spent the rest of the evening fielding questions about The Gentleman and I... Most of which I diverted by simply pointing out I have not met him yet! :)

Oh a day in the life of Krista!


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